About IHP

Infrared Heating Products is located in the manufacturing heartland of The Midlands. We operate from our premises situated alongside the Trent and Mersey canal, near Burton on Trent. We build our panels here, from scratch. From metal bending to soldering, testing to packaging, each step of the production process is carefully designed to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards - innovation, quality and style are the things that drive us.

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Our team of engineers are specialists in Infrared Heating technologies with years of experience in product design. Our approach focuses on attention to detail. The end result is a product range optimised for efficiency, style and reliability.

We are so confident in our products that our infrared heating panels come with a guarantee of 10 years.

Polly (opposite), our chief tester, certainly approves as she dozes in front of one of our printed panels!

Our Tooling

 We use a range of tools to build our panels. Our engineers are part of a highly skilled workforce.

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View from our office

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  As a company, we are also passionate about minimising the negative impact of energy use on the environment. Infrared panel heating is an extremely efficient type of electric heating and our aim is to promote IHP’s best in class products and their environmental credentials. We work hard to minimise waste in the production process and on reducing unnecessary packaging. 

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