Banners Gate Primary School

Coppice View Rd
    Sutton Coldfield
    West Midlands
    B73 6UE
    United Kingdom
0121 464 7355

Implemented By

MES Electrical & Solar Ltd (3 reference(s))

147 Damson Lane
    West Midlands
    B92 9JX
    United Kingdom
0121 249 0314

Keeping this part of the school warm for occasional use had become a real challenge for Banners Gate Primary School when they converted a corridor into an area they could use for more than just a thoroughfare.

Banners Gate Primary School is a typical 1950's built school which has been modernised and extended over the years. The recently converted corridor although still a walk through is occasionally used as an additional teaching room.

The problems:

  • Expensive and disruptive to add this room to the existing heating system

  • At either end of the area, there are fire doors constantly in use opening onto cold corridors

  • A single 2kw portable convection heater is struggling to even take the chill off

  • One wall is external and mostly constructed of semi transparent perspex

The Solution:

Ceiling mounted infrared heating panels were installed with a thermostatic room control. Our infrared heating panels were chosen and professionally installed by MES Electrical and Solar Ltd in conjunction with SSE Energy solutions. 

How did infrared heating solve the problems? 

  • They are responsive and thermostatically controlled

  • The room warms up quickly

  • Although the air is constantly being changed as the staff and students walk through heat is now retained in the very fabric of the room (walls, floor, objects) which keeps the room warm even though the warm air is constantly lost. 

  • Very fast to reach temperature when heat is needed quickly 

  • Ceiling mounted freeing up room layout

  • Zero maintenance with a 10 year warranty

  • Less energy is required to heat the same space

  • Ceiling mounted preventing accidents if students were to try and touch the panels