Infrared Heating Calculator

Let our Heat Calc Wizard determine your heating requirements.

IHP's Infrared Heating Calculator has been specifically developed for our range of infrared heaters. Relying on both infrared theory coupled with our empirical knowledge gained from literally hundred's of installations, our calculator will provide an accurate assessment of your heating requirements for a wide variety of building types and conditions.

We, however, do not profess that the calculator covers every situation.  For special cases outside the scope of the calculator, our experts are on hand to provide a custom solution no matter what your requirements are.  Contact us by chat, phone or our contact form.

Key differences between our Infrared Heating Calculator and convection heating calculators include:

  • Our calculator uses floor area as the primary basis for determining heat load (adjusted for extra high ceilings).  Convection heat calculators use room volume as their basis. 

  • The primary objective of our calculator is responsive heating, ie adequate heat up times. Since infrared heaters in normal installations must initially heat the fabric of the building, they take longer to heat up a cold room than a convection heater.  Once the fabric of the room has been warmed, an infrared heater will consume significantly less power for the same output as a convection heater.