IHP Infrared Heater Panel Standard Fitting Instructions

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IHP Infrared Heater Panel Standard Fitting Instructions for wall and ceiling mounting

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3. On e the panel has b een mounted, the s rews an b e re-tightened, lo king the panel onto the wall. This is how you will b e sliding on the panel, make sure that the s rews that you have tightened into the wall are in line with the rails, then slide the panel onto the s rews, ensuring that b oth s rews have gone into the rails, and lower the panel down making sure you're keeping b oth sides even as you lower it. Now the panel should lo ok something like this, then just remove the plasti oating (if tted) and you're ready to swit h the panel on. 3

2. The s rew plugs should easily t as shown here. On e the s rew plug is all the way in it will b e ready for the s rews, this is how it should lo ok. Now s rew the 2 s rews into the wall plugs and leave them protruding by approx 6mm, you will need a star head s rew driver to do this. This is what the s rews should lo ok like after you drilled them in, now this will b e ready for the panel to b e t onto the wall. Make sure to he k b efore you hang the panel up the the s rews slide onto the rails, like as shown in the pi ture. Make sure to lo osen up the s rews on the sides of the rails just enough so the the heads of the s rews on the wall an slide on to the rails. 2

1. IHP Mo del Fitting Instru tions Please read arefully b efore installing When you re eive your panel it will ome with 4 s rews and 4 s rew plugs for the tting of the panel. Always measure the distan e b etween the 4 rails on the ba k of the panel as shown as there an b e a small variation due to manufa turing toleran es. The dis- tan e should b e 443mm for a panel size of 595 (in the 295), make sure to measure from the entre of ea h rail. For panel sizes of 1195mm this measurement should b e 1046mm. If you wish to hang the panel on only one rail arefully measure a level distan e of 300mm (ex- ept the 295 this is 100mm) for the s rew xings this is the same measurement for all sizes of panel, then slide only one rail over the s rew heads horizontally using the top rail after following the instru tions for xing the s rews b elow After you have measured the distan e b e sure to mark it up on the wall that you are tting it to, it is re om- mended to use a spirit level to ensure that it is level. Make sure to mark where you will b e drilling the holes for the panel. Now arefully drill the holes for the s rew plugs to b e put in, the holes must b e drilled to 6mm. 1


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