IHP Infrared Panel Heater Fitting Instructions for Corner /Angled Mounting

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IHP Infrared Panel Heater Fitting Instructions for Corner /Angled Mounting

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1. Infrared Heater Panels IHP Mo del Fitting Instru tions (Angled Mounting for Corners, Corni es and Underdesk) Please read arefully b efore installing In order to mount in a orner, IHP320a and IHP160a panels have C bra kets atta hed to the 2 long sides of the panel. To install the panel, four mounting s rews must b e s rewed into the wall or desk. The panel is then slides over these s rews. Four mounting s rews and four s rew plugs, together with a L shap ed tting template ome with ea h panel. See pi ture. Detailed instru tions are as follows. Position the heater at 45 degree angle in the orner of wall, the orni e or the desk and mo desty b oard for the underdesk heater. Mark the entre p oint of the bra kets at the top of the panel. Align the supplied template with one of the entre p oints. Using the holes in the template, mark the drill holes for 2 of the mounting s rews. Rep eat at the other entre. Drill the 4 holes and insert the mounting s rews. The s rews should protrude some 6 mm so that the head of the s rew an slide into the rail. Slide the bra kets over the mounting s rews. S rew in one of the lo ks s rews to lo k the heater in pla e. Plug the heater in and run till slightly warm. Remove the prote tive plasti oating. 1


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