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Medium Intensity Heater Installation / Owner Manual

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4. Figure 1: Remove Packing from b oth ends of heater Step 2: Plan your installation, ensuring that the heater is at a height of at least 3m and is 200mm from walls. Minimium bracket spacing should b e determined from Figure 2. Figure 2: Heater and Bracket Positioning

6. Figure 5: Fix to wall or ceiling Sp ecications Sp ecication MI1000 MI1800 MI2400 MI3200 [email protected] 1000W 1800W 2400W 3200W Dimensions (mm) 600x189x67 1000x189x67 1500x189x67 2000x189x67 Package Size (mm) 680x250x145 1080x250x145 1580x250x145 2080x250x145 Net Weight 3.7kg 6.2kg 8.8kg 11.6kg Voltage 220-240VAC Rated Current 4.3A 7.8A 10.4A 13.9A Fuse Rating 5A 13A 13A N/A* Op erating Temp. 250 - 380 ° C Emitting Plate High emissivity coated Aluminium Heating Element Nichrome core emb edded in ceramic substrate IP Rating IP54 * To b e installed by qualied p ersonnel only. Do es not come with plug.

5. Step 3: Fix the ceiling / wall bracket to the ceiling / wall according to the bracket spacing determined. Figure 3: Wall / Ceiling Bracket Step 4: Assemble heater brackets and slide onto heater as illustrated. Do not tighten wing nuts on heater. Figure 4: Heater Brackets Step 5: Fix heater to ceiling / wall brackets as illustrated. This will typically require 2 p eople for the larger heaters. Lastly tighten the wing nuts.

7. Pro duct Warranty Infrared Heater Panels grants a 60 month manufacturer's guarantee b eginning with the date of the invoice or shipping note. Within this p erio d, we will regulate all faults caused by material or pro duction by repair or replacement of the defect parts. The guarantee will only b e accepted when the heating panel was prop erly treated. Additional claims are explicitly excluded! The guarantee will only include the repair/replacement of the radiant heating panel. We will take no resp onsibility on scratches on face or back after the start of op eration. We will not assume liability for damages caused by kicks, wrong handling, humidity or by external treatment. Customer Details Pro duct Details Customer Name: Pro duct: Address: Serial No: Install Date: Email: IMPORTANT: Please register your purchase at: http://www.infraredheaterpanels.co.uk/page/warranty-registration Manufacturer's Details: Quantum Partners Ltd (trading under the name Infrared Heater Panels or IHP) Address: 406 Licheld Road, Burton-On-Trent Staordshire United Kingdom DE13 8EH Email: [email protected] Website: www.InfraredHeaterPanels.co.uk Distributor's Details: Address: Email: Website:

3. Calculation of Power Requirements To determine the numb er of panels required for a given area, one must divide p ower rating of the panels into the total p ower requirements of the area to b e heated. For large op en space, fully heated, 100 watts p er square metre is recommended. For sp ot / zone heating 150 watts is recommended. For fully insulated, closed buildings 50 watts p er square metre would b e sucient. Additional wattage mayb e required when heating is used intermittently or when fast warm ups times are required. Lastly rememb er that in a typical installation, the panels are thermostatically controlled and so do not run continuously. First Time Use When using the panels for the rst time or after a long time p erio d of non use, one must allow additional time (sometimes up to several days) to heat up the fabric of the building. Once the core of the building is warm and dry, future heating loads will b e greatly reduced. Installation The IHP range of infrared heater panels are a comp onent part of a designed heating system. To comply with Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 Lot 20, this pro d- uct must b e installed and controlled by an external timed thermostat control system. The supplied pro duct ex must b e wired to this control system in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to achieve the minimium eco design requirement. Considerations should b e given to the addition of op en window sensing, o ccupancy sensing and out of building heating control systems such as a mobile phone applica- tion or other device to further increase energy savings. There are many sophisticated control systems available. Please contact us for assistance if required. Step 1: Unpack heater, checking contents against the packing list. Remove packing material from b oth ends of heater as p er Fig. 3. Table 1: Packing List Item Description Qty 1. Heater 1 p c 2. Adjusting Brackets 4 p c 3. Sliding Bracket 1 p c 4. Fastener 1 set 5. Owner's Manual 1 copy

2. Pro duct Compliance This pro duct complies with the essential requirements of the following EC Directives: ˆ Electro-Magnetic Compatibility directive 2004/108/EC ˆ Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EEC ˆ EC Marking directive 93/68/EEC ˆ Commission Regulation (EU) 2015/1188 Lot 20 and complies with Article 1 Section (g) by denition under Article 2 Section (16) applicable only to indo or space heating to reach and maintain a certain thermal comfort for human b eings General Description In contrast to convection heating, the Infrared Heater Panels Infrared Radiant Heater heats ob jects and p eople rather than the air. As such it is highly eec- tive for the heating of op en spaces and even outdo ors providing fresh, clean heat akin to sunshine. Problems asso ciated with convection heating such as condensation, temp erature laying and dry, stuy air are all but eliminated. The HIxxxx is a medium intensity heater suitable for ceiling and wall mounting b etween 3 and 10 metres. Key features of the heater include: ˆ A highly thermally conductive aluminium emitting plate with a high emissivity coating to ensure maximum radiant eciency ˆ High temp erature metal core, ceramic sheath heating elements ˆ Panel is supplied with an electrical fused plug (with the exception of the HI3200) ˆ Angle mounting brackets are supplied The heaters are intended to b e controlled by a remote wall mounted thermostat. The thermostat should b e lo cated in the same ro om on a side wall. Ideally it should also b e ab ove 1.5m ab ove the o or, but not directly under a heater.

1. Infrared Heater Panels Medium Intensity Heater Installation / Owners Manual WARNING Read all instructions b efore using this heater. Read and understand all installation and maintenance instruc- tions thoroughly b efore installing or servicing this equipment. Improp er installation, op eration, adjustment, alteration, ser- vice or maintenance can result in the risk of re and electrical sho ck, and may cause prop erty damage, injury or death. SAFETY ALERT: ˆ These instructions are applicable to the mo del stated on the front cover of this manual only, and must not b e used with any other make or mo del. ˆ These instructions are intended to apply in the United Kingdom only, and should b e followed along with any other statutory obligations. ˆ Do not attempt to op en, the heater contains no service- able parts. Attempting to do so will p ermanently damage the heater and void all warranties. ˆ Do not op erate this heater unless it is prop erly installed. ˆ Do not get wet or install where it may fall into water e.g. bath, basin ˆ Do not cover. ˆ This accessory must b e tted by a Comp etent p erson, and installation must comply with the guidance provided in the current editions of BS7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations) and Part `P' of the Building Regulations. Failure to com- ply with the requirements of these publications could lead to prosecution. ˆ Always isolate the AC Mains supply and allow the heater to co ol b efore handling or moving. ˆ Please leave these instructions with the end user where they should b e kept in a safe place for future reference.


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