MIH - Medium Intensity Heater Data Sheet v3

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MIH - Medium Intensity Heater Data Sheet

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1. Medium Intensity Heater Datasheet The MIxxxx is a medium intensity radiant heater ideally suited for open interior spaces, build- ings with high ceilings. Key features of the MI range of heaters in- clude: • A large contoured, high emissivity heat- ing plate that efficiently heats objects and people rather than the air. Constructed with highly conductive, anodized (black) Aluminium, the emitting is not only the key to this heaters great performance, it looks great as well. • Embedded within the plate, is a metal / ceramic tubular heating element. The fully encased element is protected against oxidation thereby ensuring many years of operating life. In contrast, halo- gen / quartz / carbon elements all have limited operating lives (< 8,000 hours). • Internal insultation (Rockwool) reduce rear panel energy losses, further enhanc- ing performance. Rockwool Insulation Tubular Ceramic / Metal Heating Element Front Emitting Plate 1

2. • Fully adjustable bracket system, allows independent movement thereby elimi- nating thermal expansion stresses. • Ingress protection of IP54 • 5 year warranty Data Sheet Model Power [email protected] Cover (m2) Voltage Freq Rated Current Surface Temp. Dimension (mm) Net / Gross Weight Kg MI1000 1000 10 220-240 4.3A 380C 600x189x67 4.3 / 5.0 MI1800 1800 20 VAC 7.8A 1000x189x67 6.5 / 7.2 MI2400 2400 30 50/60 10.4A 1500x189x67 9.7 / 10.6 MI3200 3200 40 Hz 13.9A 2000x189x67 13.2 / 14.8 Heat Output Model MI1000 MI1800 MI2400 MI3200 29°C 1.0m 1.8m 2.5m 3.5m 27°C 1.6m 3.0m 4.5m 6.0m 2


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