Perry Fields School Sports Hall

Oldacre Road
    West Midlands
    B68 0RG
    United Kingdom
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Case Study for:

School Sports Hall

Perryfields High School Specialist Maths and Computing College


The school had a serious problem - cold students not wanting to play sports in the school's 500m2 sports hall. Moreover, the existing convection heating solution while not being very effective, also resulted in high condensation levels on walls.


We surveyed the hall and found it to be not only a large area in metres but also with very high ceilings, as you would expect. Once we had conducted all measurements we modelled the heat requirements and came up with a cost-effective solution.


Such a large building required something special and IHP chose its High Intensity Linear Heaters. These heaters run on  3.2 kW each but have a high output, enough for the height of the hall.

We installed 15 x 3.2kW heaters spaced so as to provide complete cover throughout.


The condensation has been totally eliminated. In addition, the hall warms rapidly but air remains fresh so it's a more pleasant area for activities.


Very happy and so are the students.

We thought it impossible to heat the hall given our experience with other methods

School Principal