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Frequently Asked Questions

In the year 1800, Sir William Herschel discovered the existence of infrared by performing a simple experiment. Herschel passed sunlight through a prism. As sunlight passes through the prism, the prism divides it into a rainbow of colours called a spectrum. A spectrum contains all of the colours which make up sunlight. Herschel was interested in measuring the amount of heat in each colour. To do this he used thermometers with blackened bulbs and measured the temperature of the different colours of the spectrum.

He noticed that the temperature increased from the blue to the red part of the spectrum. Then he placed a thermometer just past the red part of the spectrum in a region where there was no visible light and found that the temperature there was even higher. Herschel realised that there must be another type of light which we cannot see in this region. This light was called infrared.

Simply put, no Infrared radiant heating does not harm you or anyone around you. Everything absorbs or emits infrared. It is the way the sun keeps us warm on earth. There are no UV's or other nasties. In fact feeling warm on a cold day is probably the best health benefit there could be.

Infrared Radiant Heaters use the oldest form of heating known to man. Just as the sun’s rays heat the earth, so infrared radiant heaters use this same method of heating. Objects, people and buildings are warmed directly rather than the air between them.

Infrared radiant heaters transmit infrared energy which converts into heat when absorbed by objects.  

It is the infrared heater surface temperature and the emissivity value of the surface coating that determines how much infrared is transmitted and its wavelength, nothing else.

Because the energy is only turned into heat as it comes into contact with solid objects, the heat provided is highly efficient as very little is lost into the atmosphere. As everything absorbs infrared and everything emits infrared so the infrared heat from the panel is absorbed into the fabric of the room, walls, floors, objects and people, they warm up and in turn emit infrared back into the room. Traditional methods of heating, such as gas central heating, storage heaters, blown air and numerous other convection heaters rely on warming the air, warm up times are expensive and lost air means yet another warm-up time

 Using Infrared Radiant heating to warm objects and people directly rather than warming up the air will use about half the energy over a sustained period. We all know that energy is energy so how come? There's a simple answer, air leaks, escapes through open doors and windows, warm air rises above your head were you can't feel it and there's lots of it in a room, so there's a constant requirement to keep warming it up. Infrared Radiant heating puts heat into solid objects, walls and floors then gently releases it back into the room, when the room gets warm it stays warm for longer.

Simply by warming the fabric of the room there are no longer any cold surfaces for moisture in the air to condensate onto, they are also great at drying out damp walls and objects. Natural movement of air when entering or leaving the room lets the moisture out.

The rule of thumb when calculating the energy required for Infrared Radiant heating is to multiply the area by 70 watts to get the total energy requirements for the room, that's just the length by the width in meters times 70, then just choose the heaters from the product list, or just send us the room measurements in meters or feet on our contact us page and we can do it for you, we may just ask a few more questions about your building, it really is that easy.

We have developed one of the most efficient infrared radiant heating panels you can buy. Maximised infrared efficiency has been achieved by using only the best quality materials chosen for their excellent thermal properties and total overall weight. Triple stage internal insulation minimises heat losses from the rear of the panel, a high grade aluminium plate conducts heat rapidly from our purpose made heating element to the high value radiant coating which in turn radiates the infrared heat.

Our infrared heater panels are built to the highest standards, they meet the requirements of BS7671 and emit infrared in the far and long wave, The panel was designed in the UK and is made in the UK enabling us to make large quantities of the best quality with the shortest lead times.

The look of the panel is unique, and the design is registered with the UK Intellectual property office.

The result is a lightweight low energy radiant heater panel that is highly efficient, looks great, is easy to install and will last for years. We are able to build standard panels in a variety of sizes and wattages, you can have us print onto it a photo from the family album or choose from one of our stock pictures, we can even build you a heated mirror.

Simply put electronics and heat don't play well together.  

Our panel heaters are built to last a life time.  Hence our 10 year, no questions asked, warranty.  If we had incorporated an electronic controller in our panels we would have to decrease our warranty to 5 years, the same as most other brands.

Additionally having an external control has allows one to have controller control multiple panels.  Also allows you to choose your own controller.  

Bottom line, having an external controller provides flexibility while saving you money.