It's All In the Design    

Infrared Panels look similar
but it what's inside that counts

    Why Choose Our Far Infrared Heating Panels?

    Infrared heating is a fantastic option for heating. Some of the many benefits of our panels include;

    • Made by Us - Best of British quality, design and manufacturing.
    • Superb efficiency providing a great return on investment, saving money on energy bills.

    • Highly responsive – controllable and can provide heat quickly. Unlike convection systems, which are dependent on heat circulating in a space. Radiant heat heats objects directly

    • Health benefits – reduced circulation of dust etc. It is also an effective method to eliminate condensation and stop mould growth.

    • Fit and forget – no maintenance once installed

    • Stylish design – our panels can even be printed with your favourite images. Imagine that – your artwork providing your heating!

    Energy Efficient Heating - Infrared is the Natural Choice!

    If you are looking for an economical heating solution you should definitely consider our infrared panels - they are a great alternative to traditional radiators. We are always happy to advise on all types of applications, on panel options and on wattage requirements for the space you are looking to heat.

    Our wealth of experience can help you come up with the most efficient, cost-effective solution for your project – whatever the size. Please get in touch.

    Applications of Infrared Heating

    There are many applications of infrared heating. Here are some examples;

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    Far infrared heating is a perfect match for modern, well-insulated homes. Eco-homes, lodges and home offices are ideal situations that can benefit from our energy efficient panels.

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    Efficient Office Heating

    Energy use and energy efficiency have a major impact on the bottom line, as well as a company's environmental impact. IHP has a range of panels specifically designed for suspended ceilings, meeting the stringent building regulations required. IHP offers an excellent, effective office heating system.

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    Domestic Electric Heating

    We supply to installers for domestic heating and to landlords who are conscious of costs. The radiant heat from infrared panels is far more effective than conventional convection electric heating solutions and electric storage heaters.