Electric Heating for Houses and Flats

Warmth and comfort are an essential part of any residential environment. Whether it is a designer flat, an HMO, social housing, a country cottage, or even a hotel, infrared heating can be a great option. The IHP range of heaters are best in class and offer some excellent benefits. These include;

  • stylish design - the IHP design is stylish and unique, and it is registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office. With its 'swept-back' edges and optimal material selection, the panels can be discreetly mounted to suit the style of the property.

  • highly efficient electric heating which could potentially save you money on your heating bills.

  • options for printing - IHP has developed a special process for producing high quality printed panels. These can make a great showpiece. For example with your favourite image as a centrepiece to the living room. Artwork that keeps you warm! 

  • fast, reactive heating - perfect for smart, zonal control of your property

  • no draughts or dust circulation that you get with convection or air-movement systems

Infrared panels are also a fantastic electric heating solution for locations where there is no mains gas supply. There's an added bonus with IHP's market-leading panels - they come with a 10 year guarantee!