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Advantage House Other Services
Staffordshire council provided a grant to help this managed office space company to throw out the clanky old storage heaters and install our modern infrared heating panels.
Banners Gate Primary School Education
When a converted corridor became a problem area to keep warm our ceiling mounted infrared panels were the perfect solution.
Hilltop Working Mens Club Entertainment
The blown hot air heating from the aircon units in the concert room seemed a good idea when fitted, it’s great as an aircon system but not so good as a heating system!
Oscar was a stray cat in search of a warm home. A cat lover and IHP's pet heater came to his rescue.
Perry Fields School Sports Hall Education
The school had serious problem - cold students not wanting to play sports in the school's 500m2 sports hall. Moreover the existing convection heating solution while not being very effective, also resulted in high condensation levels on walls.
Roots Coffee Shop Wholesale/Retail
When gas was ruled out as an options, IHP's infrared panels came to the rescue.
Stubbs Tickets Other Services
With their offices in the loft of a period building, Stubbs Tickets were fed up that despite their extortionate monthly bottled gas bill they were still feeling the cold!
The Edge Gusto Homes Construction
Our Infrared Heating Panels are the perfect choice for heating Gusto's exceptionally low-energy homes.