Sports Hall and Community Centres

Sports halls and other large open spaces such as community centres and village halls can be challenging places to heat. This is especially true when usage is infrequent and construction is not particularly well insulated, as is often the case. Heating the air in such environments requires large amounts of energy and can result in large amounts of the heat convecting to the upper parts of the space - your money and energy bills literally ' going through the roof'.

IHP has a high quality solution ideally suited to this kind of building. Our medium intensity strip heaters are optimised for generating sufficient radiant heat, making for great levels of comfort. There's also no glow. Because they use the medium wavelength infrared, their black non-glow surface is all that is required!

The responsive nature of these heaters also gives further opportunities to save on heating bills - no more need to turn on the heating hours before use to warm up the air in the building. The radiant heat from these heaters is available in a matter of minutes, and when fitted in conjunction with a programmable thermostat, it's the perfect combination.