Infrared Heating for Offices - Suspended Ceilings

Providing a comfortable and efficient heating system for office-based workers is very important. Conventional systems often involve air-movement systems such as air-conditioning and fans, or convection-based radiator systems. Infrared technology provides a great alternative with many advantages. For example;

  • discrete installation - once installed it's often hard to spot, especially in offices with suspended ceilings

  • highly efficient electric heating with the potential for large financial savings when compared to radiator-based convection heating

  • fast, reactive heating allowing for smart control of your office space

  • Infrared heating panels generate a pleasing, comfortable, radiant heat. No draughts or dust circulation that you get with convection or air-movement systems.

  • IHP panels have a 10 year guarantee!

IHP's far infrared panels are great for heating offices and commercial premises. In particular, our suspended ceiling models are easy to install, ideal for ceiling grid systems, and they provide a fantastic, responsive system. Their unique design is optimised for radiant heat generation.