Applications of Infrared Heating Panels

There are so many applications for infrared heating. As an electric heating solution is extremely versatile. From large scale office heating  projects to single printed panels in a domestic environment, we are happy to advise and help with projects and applications of any size. Here are just a few examples;

Heating Eco Housing

The growth in eco-housing and passive house construction is accelerating. These are based on highly insulated environments. Infrared heating panels can work extremely well with this type of building providing a highly efficient method of heating.

Heating for Housing and Flats

Infrared heating is becoming more popular as an option for domestic environments. Landlords are particularly keen on infrared panels. With zoned thermostatic control, they provide the required levels of comfort while keeping heating bills to a minimum. Our bespoke printing service also means that IHP panels can form a beautiful centrepiece to living space while providing efficient, comfortable heating at the same time!

Heating for Offices and the Workplace

Our infrared panels are great for heating offices and commercial premises. In particular, our suspended ceiling models are easy to install and provide a fantastic responsive, even heat – a comfortable environment for your workforce, whilst providing an extremely efficient heating system.

Eliminate Condensation and Prevent Mould

Simply by warming the fabric of the room, there are no longer any cold surfaces for moisture in the air to condensate onto, Infrared heating panels are also great at drying out damp walls and objects. The natural movement of air when entering or leaving the room lets the moisture out.

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Sports Halls, Community Centres 

IHP's Medium Intensity Heaters are ideal for heating people in open spaces.

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Kennels and Catteries

IHP's Pet Panel Heaters were designed in conjunction with the UK's leading manufacturer of kennels and catteries.

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